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It’s a bit surprising to see this sort of thing coming out of New Zealand. New Zealand is a relatively liberal country. The question is whether religious tolerance has decayed to such an extent that liberals now want to use things like this to punish traditional religions. 

Also from Religion clause:

In New Zealand where the Jewish community has filed suit challenging the government’s refusal to exempt kosher slaughtering from a new Animal Welfare Slaughter Code that requires animals be stunned before being killed (see prior posting), the parties have agreed to allow kosher slaughtering to continue while the litigation is pending. NZPA (via reports that a consent order was issued today by the High Court at Wellington requiring a temporary exemption for kosher slaughtering until the case is decided next year.

Kosher slaughtering has always been around, and has usually been considered one of the more humane ways to do the job. So the lack of an exemption is troubling, and may indicate an animous towards traditional religions more than a concern for animal welfare.

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