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We’ve seen this show before.

During the height of the illegal immigration debate, the MSM assured us that 65% of the public was in favor of letting all the illegals stay here and become citizens. No problemo, said those polls. Pay a fine, and we will let you in. Come on in,the water is fine.

But in fact, the real sentiment among the public was more like 65% against.

During the Health Care debate, the MSM kept telling us that  people favored Obamacare and they loved the public option. In fact, one poll said that 80% of the country wanted the public option.

But in fact, the real sentiment was drastically against  Obamacare. People hated it.

And now, the MSM is coming out with polls that purport to show that gay marriage is popular, or at least a toss up. Don’t believe them for a second. It’s an old game they play, over and over again.

They tilt their polls. It is easy to do. Pollsters know how to get the results they want. Mostly, they increase the number of Democrats polled,and reduce the number of Republicans. Or, they phrase the questions in ways so that the half of the population that has no idea what is going on are pushed to answer one way or the other.

Mostly, these fake polls are for the benefit of Justice Kennedy. If he is as stupid as they think he is, he will buy all this and will start to think he is doing the public’s will. Kennedy has a tendency to blow with the winds of popularity, so he can be influenced.

Look for more of these polls as time goes on. They are worthless, worthless, worthless.

Question: If so many people are for gay marriage, how come 31 states have soundly voted against it? Sometimes by marjorities of up to 70 some percent. How come several states were willing to amend their constitutions in order to keep it from happening?

No, don’t believe the charlatans in the MSM.

Trust me. I have watched the MSM play this game for years. It is much more likely that the real sentiment in the country is something like 65% against, 35% for.

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